Outdoor Traveler

Picture yourself surrounded by desert with the occasional cactus sprouting from the ground. Now imagine you’re at the helm of a sailboat with nothing but open ocean and open sky.

An Outdoor Adventurer through and through, you like to spend your travels immersed in nature and would swap a comfy bed for a sleeping bag and tent in a heartbeat.

If you’re a traveler that likes the idea of exploring beyond the norm and spending time in the great outdoors, this section is the one for you!

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A Sail Boat and Sunset from Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica
Top Sunsets from Around the World

Travel the world for long enough and it becomes evident that golden sunsets look different in every place you go.

The Scuba Diving Converted Sprinter Van Parked By A Lake In Northern Ontario, Canada Road Tripping
A Sprinter Van Conversion for the Adventure Sport Enthusiast

How-to convert and build a sprinter van into the ultimate adventure sport RV complete with a scuba diving equipment locker and tank storage.

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