Bucket List

The Ultimate Travel Buddies Adventure Bucket List

We’ve put together some of our bucket list dive items. Some are locations you absolutely have to visit before you die (or right away), while others are stamps to add to your passport.

Happy trails!

1. Get our Motorcycle License
2. Go White Water Rafting
3. Visit the Taj Mahal
4. Sleep in a Quinzee
5. Climb Machu Picchu
6. Get our Hunting License
7. Go Dogsledding
8. Swim the English Channel
9. Visit the Galapagos Islands
10. Walk on the Great Wall of China
11. Paddle the Amazon River
12. Get a Tattoo
13. Learn to Play Guitar
14. Climb Mt. Killamanjaro
15. Witness Great Whites sharks breaching in Cape Town
16. Go Skydiving
17. Buy a one-way ticket
18. Eat Pasta until we Explode in Italy
19. Become a Citizen of Another Country
20. See Lava in Real Life
21. Go on a Cruise
22. Meet Royalty
23. Ride a Camel in the Desert

24. Visit Every Province and Territory of Canada
25. Be a Spectator at the Olympics
26. Travel with my Children
27. Experience the Pyramids and Markets of Egypt
28. Drive a Race Car
29. Complete and IRONMAN
30. Make a New Discovery
31. Have our Travel Photography Published
32. Visit Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s Grave
33. Eat Spicy Taco’s in Mexico
34. Dive/snorkel with Humpback whales
35. Hike to Everest Base Camp
36. Write a Book
37. Stay Overnight in an Underwater Hotel
38. See the Northern Lights
39. Try Polar Dipping
40. Volunteer in a Poor Country
41. Attend a Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey Game
42. Make our Own Camper Van for Road Trips
43. Go to Space
44. See the Big 5 on an African Safari
45. Ride in a Submarine
46. Dive with Sharks

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Travel Buddies World Love

“Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.”

– Benjamin Disraeli

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