Scuba Diving

As a scuba diver and ocean-loving enthusiast, the underwater world is filled with awe and wonder. Swim over to our sister site, Dive Buddies 4 Life, and find out everything you should know about scuba diving.

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Stream2Sea Products in the Snow
Swim-sational Stream2Sea Products that can be Used on Land

Trying out Stream2Sea's reef-safe sunscreen, lip balm and neck buff in the middle of a Canadian winter.

Canadian Scuba Divers on a Beach in New Brunswick
Canada: The Underwater World of Canada in Photographs

Canada is home to some of the most pristine and untouched underwater environments on the planet and with that in mind here is a sneak peek at underwater Canada in stunning photographs.

Cuban Streets with a Green Old Fashioned Car
Cuba: Highlights of Cuba

Follow our vacation highlights for a list of the best things to do while travelling to Cuba.

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