Central America

A carnival of colours!

There are many words you can use to describe Central America, a continent sandwiched between Atlantic and Pacific ocean. While it may only be the size of Texas, Central America is a medley of iconic cities and a rich ecosystems bringing this continent to life. A skinny land bridge connecting North and South America doesn’t look like much on a map but looks have never be more deceiving. While political instability and civil unrest have shied travellers away from visiting this region of the world, Central America’s flora, fauna and eye popping landscapes combine together into an unbeatable package. Whether you’re blazing some rainforest trails or sampling some authentic cuisine, the time of your life awaits you in Central America, all you have to do is find it.

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View of the Granada Cathedral
The Best of Granada

On vacation in Granada, Nicaragua and wondering what to do? Check out the best 9 things to do around the city.

Coffee Plantation
Hiking the Mombacho Volcano

Step by step we ascended Mombacho's 4,400 feet in the hot sun and hiked the crater trail giving ourselves heat exhaustion in the process.

Leaf Cutter Ants at Work
Our Very Own Ant Farm

While not unique to Nicaragua, ants are a pesky group of insects able to get into everything even our kitchen in Granada.

Side View of Someone Sliding Down
Volcano Boarding in Léon

Recklessly sliding down the Cerro Negro volcano on a piece of plastic is not an activity for the fainthearted.

So ya Wanna be a Surfer?

The wild Pacific waves of San Juan del Sur are a hit with the surfers. Read about our weekend at Nicaragua's most popular surfing destination.

Stormy Pier
How to Survive a Hurricane

Hurricane Otto arrived touched down along the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua late in the season. Find out what happened during this storm and why.

The Red Hot Inside of Masaya
Feeling the Heat in Masaya

The city of Masaya has tours galore looking to show off their active volcano, colourful markets and exquisite pottery.

Ali Going To The Market
Becoming a Nico

Its never easy crossing from one country to another let alone between countries with only one official border crossing.

The Harbour of Playa del Coco, Costa Rica at Sunset
5 Sunset Stories from Costa Rica

A collection of our most captivating Costa Rican pictures and sunset stories.

A Toucan at the Costa Rica Tour Pool
Miravalles Volcano Tour

The Miravalles Volcano Tour gave us a the best overview of some of Costa Rica's highlighted activities.

Driving Down a Rocky Costa Rican Hill in the Rental Car
Getting Around Costa Rica

Figuring out the best way to get around Costa Rica's with their different means of transportation.

The Azure Rio Celeste Waterfalls
El Río Celeste

Hidden in the jungles of Tenorio National Park, the Río Celeste proves time and time again that it is a favourite waterfall among Costa Rican tourists.

The Looming Natural View of the Arenal Volcano
3 Outdoor Adventures in La Fortuna

La Fortuna is a small city with a big personality. This tourist hot spot has some unique outdoor places that are a must-see.

Funnel Spider
The Rainforest Bugs and Beasts

The cloud forests of Monteverde, Costa Rica are home to some interesting jungle creatures.

Turtle Side Profile
I left my Heart in Ostional

Read about our trip to Ostional and find out about the prime sea turtle nesting beaches in Costa Rica.

Costa Rican King Snake on a Branch
Snakes 101

Find out about the different species of poisonous snakes in Costa Rica with the help of this field guide.

Tropical Oasis Palm Tree
Living the Pura Vida

Traveling from Canada to Costa Rica for an extended honeymoon is not without its mishaps.

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