Costa Rica

Saludos desde Costa Rica!

The country of Costa Rica, known in Spanish as “rich coast,” is located close to the equator giving it a warm tropical climate all year round. Sandwiched between Nicaragua and Panama, Costa Rica is working to become the first carbon-neutral country in the world. A land without a military, most of this countries economics are invested in education, creating an army of teachers in lieu of an army of soldiers. Considered to be one of the more expensive countries in Central America, Costa Rica supposedly has a health care system that are ranked higher than the USA.

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The Harbour of Playa del Coco, Costa Rica at Sunset
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The Azure Rio Celeste Waterfalls
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The Looming Natural View of the Arenal Volcano
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Tropical Oasis Palm Tree
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Country Facts
World Currency

Costa Rican Colon (CRC)

Capital City View

San Jose


4, 857, 218


Spanish, Mekatelyu, Bribri, Patois

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