Everybody needs a place to call home while traveling. Finding accommodations has never been easier. Check out these posts for the latest in accommodation needs.

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The Scuba Diving Converted Sprinter Van Parked By A Lake In Northern Ontario, Canada Road Tripping
A Sprinter Van Conversion for the Adventure Sport Enthusiast

How-to convert and build a sprinter van into the ultimate adventure sport RV complete with a scuba diving equipment locker and tank storage.

The Sun Behind The French Alps
Snowboarding the French Alps

Looking for some fun in the snow? Flaine, France is the perfect place to hit the slopes on your winter vacation.

Leaf Cutter Ants at Work
Our Very Own Ant Farm

While not unique to Nicaragua, ants are a pesky group of insects able to get into everything even our kitchen in Granada.

Side View of Someone Sliding Down
Volcano Boarding in Léon

Recklessly sliding down the Cerro Negro volcano on a piece of plastic is not an activity for the fainthearted.

Ali Going To The Market
Becoming a Nico

Its never easy crossing from one country to another let alone between countries with only one official border crossing.

Tropical Oasis Palm Tree
Living the Pura Vida

Traveling from Canada to Costa Rica for an extended honeymoon is not without its mishaps.

Fishing Boats in Iceland Harbour
The Land of Vikings

Discovering Europe's most isolated country is a lot easier than most people think.

Golden Beach with Palm Tree's and Lanterns
Cuba: A Resort-Style Cuban Vacation

Visit the action packed Caribbean island of Cuba to have the best all inclusive vacation of your life.

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